“Neghinita – Home Sweet Home” – by Alejandro Gomez

“I could not wait to write this article. This is one of the moments you are waiting a long time. I wanted to look for the perfect moment and the perfect place. This is the day.

Neghinita is a kindergarten located in sector 4. We usually go there twice per week, on Wednesday and on Friday. Personally, I always go on Friday. I consider Neghinita as the ideal place to finish the week. Kids have everything they want there. It should be a kind of dream for them. However, we try to bring some balloons, chalks, and balls for them. Since my personal experience, Neghinita is the place where I go back to my childhood.

Neghinita can be described as a funny place. Ideal for a child. Ideal for a volunteer. I use to play with them. It is something I really like. They are lovely and nice with us. They are always open to play with us. They are always open to receive us in their “home”.

On the other hand, we cannot forget that most of kids also have personal problems. Orphans, mental and physical disabilities. Nothing is perfect in this life. Anyway, I am sure that it is the activity in which I smiled most during my volunteering. It is always enriching to go there. It is an opportunity for reminding how you were at their age.

Feel free to play. Feel free to behave as a kid. Adult life is completely opposite, so do not waste the opportunity of reminding that sometimes life should be much easier. It is a place to remind that sometimes adults should learn more from kids than kids from adults.”



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