“La Recuperare – No surrender” – by Alejandro Gomez

“Sincerely, I needed some minutes, for breathing, before writing this article. Probably, La Recuperare is one of the most difficult places to write about. I would like to be accurate with my words during my article in order to explain the different reasons.

La Recuperare is a place located next to Marie Curie hospital facilities. Actually, it is not far from our houses. We usually go there twice per week, on Tuesday and on Thursday. We spend there around one hour and a half per day. In my opinion, I would not mind
spending even more time there. That place probably deserves more time in it.

We usually play in the heart of the hospital. The idea is to improvise some kind of structure with tables where children can spend some time with us. Activities are related with drawing, painting, watercolours, clay… It has to be easy for them.

Most of kids have some kind of mobility problems. Unluckily, wheelchairs are part of their daily life. Some of them will carry same problems throughout their lives. Besides all this, they spend most part of their time at the hospital. They won ‘t have an ordinary childhood. This is why our task is focus on making them disconnect about daily problems.

The situation is not only difficult for kids otherwise also for their relatives. I had the opportunity of dealing with them during all these months. Frustration and sadness are present in day to day. However, it is heart-warming to observe how they do not stop
fighting. This is what I could learn there. Independently of daily situations, giving up is not an option there.

Finally, I would like to comment the feeling I could experiment when a kid leaves. On the one hand, you feel sad because you won ‘t see him/her again. On the other hand, the most important one, you realise that treatment was successful and that he/she won ‘t waste more time at hospital. In other words, step by step they could finally win the war.”



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