Eveniment de multiplicare al proiectului “Butterfly Effect”

“Butterfly Effect” (2020-1-RO01-KA227-YOU-095370) este un proiect ajuns aproape de final, la momentul lansarii platformei realizate pe toata durata sa , promovand artele vizuale in interactiunea lor cu mediul digital in randul profesionistilor din educatia nonformala si cea formala.

Evenimentul a fost gazduit in cocheta sala de conferinte de la etajul 3 al Librariei Humanitas din Strada Lipscani, 42 in perioada 2-3 noiembrie 2022 si au participat 40 de lucratori de tineret si profesori din 36 de organizatii si institutii scolare atat din Bucuresti cat si din Galati si Oltenita.

Evenimentul a dat ocazia participantilor sa inteleaga cum functioneaza platforma, ce continuturi si ce instrumente pot aplica in munca lor de zi cu zi. A fost prezentat si designul de curs, care sa ajute pe cei deja familiarizati cu platforma sa isi ajute colegii de breasla sa se imprieteneasca cu aceasta resursa.

Au fost prezentate in introducere si detalii ale evenimentelor de invatare “Butterfly Effect”- cele trei seminarii online si cele trei cursuri de formare organizate in Grecia, Spania si Romania, de catre cei care au participat la ele. Astfel au fost diseminate ideile cele mai inovative pe care acesti participati le-au asimilat. Povestile amuzante sau provocarile explicate cu lux de manunte au creat momente care au destins atmosfera.

Miriana Squilacci (Mille Cunti Spania) si Ivi Toumasi (Helenic Youth participantion- Grecia) au avut interventii live, raspunzand intrebarilor puse de catre participantii la eveniment legate de platforma si de impactul avut asupra participantilor din tarile lor si de cel asupra fiecareia dintre organizatii.

Evenimentul a avut si o dimensiune practica, caci au fost organizate 4 ateliere – doua bazate pe arta vizuala si doua pe arta video-vizuala la interactiunea cu domeniul digital.

In final a fost prezentat forumul “Butterfly Effect”, un grup de Facebook, in care toti cei care se vor bucura de resursele platformei pot sa interactioneze cu colegii lor din cele 3 tari partenere- Romania, Grecia si Spania.


“Butterfly Effect” (2020-1-RO01-KA227-YOU-095370) is a project that has almost reached its final stage, at the time of its launch, and is a platform for the promotion of visual arts in their interaction with the digital environment among professionals in non-formal and formal education.

The event was hosted in the cozy conference room on the 3rd floor of the Humanitas Bookshop in Lipscani Street, 42 on 2-3 November 2022 and was attended by 40 youth workers and teachers from 36 organizations and school institutions from Bucharest as well as from Galati and Oltenita.

The event gave the participants the opportunity to understand how the platform works, what contents and tools they can apply in their daily work. The course design was also presented, to help those already familiar with the platform to help their colleagues to become friends with this resource.

Details of the “Butterfly Effect” learning events – the three webinars and the three training courses organised in Greece, Spain and Romania by those who participated in them – were presented in the introduction. This disseminated the most innovative ideas that these participants had assimilated. Funny stories or challenges explained with great humour created moments that relaxed the atmosphere.

Miriana Squilacci (Mille Cunti Spain) and Ivi Toumasi (Helenic Youth participation- Greece) gave live interventions, answering questions from the participants about the platform and its impact on the participants in their countries and on each other.

The event also had a practical dimension, as 4 workshops were organised – two based on visual art and two on video art interacting with the digital domain.

Finally, the “Butterfly Effect” forum was presented, a Facebook group, where all those who will enjoy the resources of the platform can interact with their colleagues from the 3 partner countries – Romania, Greece and Spain.


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