„Let’s put our mind together” – Slovacia, Vel’ke Kapusany, 1-4 aprilie 2012

Intre 1 si 4 aprilie, in micutul orasel Vel’ke Kapusany din Slovacia, Eugenia si Mihai Barbu au luat parte lavizita de fezabilitate (actiunea 4.3) “Let’s put our minds together”. Aici, impreuna cu inca 8 participanti din Slovacia, Irlanda, Italia si Turcia, am lucrat pentru a concepe un proiect in Actiunea 1.3 pentru  democratie participativa, care va fi in curand depus la agentia Programului Tineret in Actiune din Irlanda si poate cu putin noroc desfasurat armonios generand astfel o experienta interesanta si dinamica.

Fara sa ne propunem am pus la cale si un schimb intercultural de tineret (Actiunea 1.1) care va urma sa se desfasoare in Mersin- Turcia, avand ca subiect principal tot democratia.

Pare greu de crezut ca pe langa atata treaba am avut si momente de distractie. Nu vom uita prea curand mancarea traditionala slovaca de la un restaurant local foarte interesant care era situat langa o ferma de cai.

In acest proiect am legat multe prietenii si am desavarsit un proiect de nota 10.

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Between the 1st and the 4th of April, in the small town of Vel’ke Kapusany from Slovakia, Eugenia and Mihai Barbu took part at the fezability visit (action 4.3) “Let’s put our minds together”. Here, together with other 8 participants from Slovakia, Ireland, Italy and Turkey, we worked together in order to conceive a project in Action 1.3 – participative democracy, which will soon be registered at the national agency  Program Youth in Action of Ireland and could be with a little luck, developed creating in this way an unforgettable and interesting experience.

A youth exchange came out of the blue since none of us had come there with these thoughts(Action 1.1) which will take place in Mersin-Turkey having as main subject democracy again.

 It’s hard to believe that with some much work done we’ve had time for some fun. We won’t forget anytime soon the Slovakian traditional food from a local restaurant that was situated by a horse farm.

In this project we’ve made a lot of friends and we created an A+ project. 

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