The selection’s result for the Grundvig workshop PUPPETRY FOR COMMUNICATION

Puppetry for Communication
Grundvig workshop
12-18.11.09 Codlea Romania
  1. Karekallas Markus                                 Finland
  2. Olga Stobiecka Rozmiarek                  Poland
  3. Piirainen Hanna                                      Finland
  4. Daniel Martin Fernandez                    Spain
  5. Zepa Diana                                                Latvia
  6. Sanchez Diaz Olalla                                Spain
  7. Tomas Sonia Isabel don Santos        Luxembourg
  8. Vasilica Iosif                                            Germany
  9. Kobesova Veronika                              Czech Republic
  10. Birgit Atzl                                                  Italy

We want to thank all of the candidates for our workshop.
We hope that we will find other opportunities to co-operate for future projects .
– Eugenia Barbu

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