“Here There Everywhere” project’s magazine/ revista proiectului

Revista proiectului “Here There Everywhere” are la baza articole din blogul proiectului: http://aiciacolopestetot.wordpress.com  , creat si coordonat de Alksandra Sijianoska din Macedonia pe toata durata proiectului (1.08.12- 1.09.13)

Variantele in romana si engleza pot fi descarcate de aici:

HTE revista finala  si  revistafinala engleza (2)

The Here There Everywhere project’s magazine is based on the articles from the project’s blog: http://aiciacolopestetot.wordpress.com . created and coordinated by Alksandra Sijianoska from Macedonia throughout the project (1.08.12- 1.09.13)

Both versions in romanian and English can be downloaded from this post.

here there everywhere brand final color EU_flag_yia_RO-01eacea_logo_en

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