call for participants: Objects Theatre Grundtvig Workshop 17-23.11.2013

A.C.T.O.R. is looking for participants to the: Objects  Theater – Grundtvig Workshop – 17/11 – 23/11/2013 / Codlea Romania

Subject area:  Teaching basic skills for adult learners; Artistic education; Cultural topics ; Basic skills / key competences for adult learners; Intercultural education; Learning opportunities for people at risk of social marginalization

Working language(s): English

Target Group: Adult learners, teachers, youth workers and people involved in social assistance works, parents and grandparents

Main activities Programme:  Objects Theatre workshop will use that part of puppetry focused on the art of animating different objects – to develop the visual and nonverbal communication abilities and competences of the people working for literacy of different categories of adults. The learners – teachers, trainers and facilitators will have the opportunity to discover creative and modern methods to communicate their messages inside of their own pedagogic strategies inside of the adult education programs.

 We will use the observation, the coordination, the cooperation and the joy to play in order to make the teachers in adult education to help their students and trainees with different kinds of problems, to be more confident and to be self-aware.

The participants will learn creative methods in order to develop modern strategies for their adult education plans.

With the experience gained from this workshop they will be able to help the groups they are working with to be able to communicate, expressing ideas, feelings helping in a creative way adult literacy communities (ex. immigrants, disabled people, social problems groups or interethnic communities).

The workshop’s goal is proving that Objects’ Theatre is a cheap but extremely creative art form with a good impact on the non literacy audience.

The workshop leader– Eugenia BARBU, works as actress and puppeteer in Tandarica Theatre since 1992, and has been a trainer in European projects since 2008. She has a lot of experience in matter of using different theatre methods in adult education purposes. Her PHD thesis is based on the role of the theatre in education.

The program includes workshop activities, intercultural events, meeting with local community and, of course, few hours of free time.

– the movies of the previous  ACTOR’s Grundtvig  workshops to:

– shadow theatre workshop with Romanian theachers:

The trainer of this workshop – Eugenia Barbu graduated The University of Theatre and Cinema from Bucharest –actor -puppet theatre director section, in 1994, then earned a master in 2000 at the same university multimedia animation film. Since 1992, she has been an actress at Tandarica Theatre Bucharest, where she played leading roles in over 20 shows and has participated in many successful tours in the whole world. All the professional experience has been applied in projects meant for disadvantaged target groups (social or geographical disadvantaged children, or sick ones, or youngsters with all sorts of problems). Through Eugenia, A.C.T.O.R. and Tandarica Theatre have developed a partnership through which the art of puppetry is valorised and in social projects or expanded in European context. So, we will focus to present more puppetry techniques- showing the real puppets and demonstrating the manipulation ways. For this we will ask from Tandarica Theatre some support using the big collection of puppets from old famous performances. Also from theatre we will have a big collection of movies with performances of the greatest shadow theatre performances of the world

 Daily activities:

Learning  day 1: Introduction; knowing each other; team building Ice breaking and names games Short object theatre history ; Discovering the expressivity of objects’ animation;  Intercultural evening 1 ;Presentation of the food, music, dances from all participants’ countries

Learning  day 2: Team building exercices; Objects theatre in my country; Express your ideas using the bodies; Intercultural evening 2

Learning  day 3: Telling the stories (nonverbal in visual language) just with objects; Different Animation Styles of different  objects; Intercultural evening 3

Learning  day 4: Telling the stories (nonverbal in visual language) just with shadows- Session 2; Making object theatre performances

Learning day 5: Rehearsing the performance; Performance; The final evaluation

Workshop Organiser: A.C.T.O.R.- Cultural Association for Theatre and Origami in Romania

Workshop Reference number: 2011-1-RO1-GRU13-15115

Please send this application form fully completed and signed (page4)  until 20.09.2013

 The selection process:

If you want to apply you can download the application form here:application-form- Object Theatre 2013

Between 01. 09 – 20.09.2012 we are open to receive your application documents (this application form and the CV-;  Deadline to receive the applications  is 20.09.2012, Between 20– 25.09.2011 we will make the selection. It is possible in this week to call you for short interviews. The result of the selection (10 European participants 2 Romanian participants and 10 reserves) will be published to the until 25.09.2012. After these dates we will start the preparation process.

We are looking forward for your applications… and good luck!

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