ONG FEST, 11-13 septembrie- Vom fi acolo!

Saptamanile acestea A.C.T.O.R.ii s-au pregatit intens pentru ONG FEST, eveniment ce se va desfasura intre 11-13 Septembrie 2009, in centrul vechi al Bucurestiului- . La standul nostru veti putea gasi informatii despre programele nostre curente, despre cele pe care planuim sa le incepem impreuna cu tinerii europeni care vor sosi in A.C.T.O.R. prin Serviciului European… Read More ONG FEST, 11-13 septembrie- Vom fi acolo!

Two Vitamins T

ACTOR’s team would like to thank everyone who showed interest in our EVS project proposal, Two Vitamins T!! From all of the interesting personalities we’ve discovered and interviewed by phone, we had to make the hard decision of choosing 7 young people… They are: 1. Bohdana Kosarchyn , Ukraine 2. Felix Burgos , Spain 3. Gulsum… Read More Two Vitamins T