“My success story” – by Anano Tsitskishvili

Hello, I am Anano from Georgia. It is my 7th month in A.C.T.O.R. During this time, I had amazing experiences and touching moments too with the children. It was a time when they were emotional and sentimental at the same time, and that made me feel lucky enough that I was able to understand and share their experience.

One story I would remember always is with a little girl called A. I met her in the summer time. She was such a sweetheart and smart little girl. I had been seeing her in the center for a couple of months. She taught me how to do some origami, we were doing some crafts, besides she loved when she painted my nails in a different color. She gave me an unforgettable handwritten letter, her painting, which I am keeping. From my side, at her birthday I gave her handwriting poster, seeing her shining eyes will be always in my mind.

We were talking a lot. About her, her experience in school and how strong she became after her illness. Her story still amazes me how this little girl has such a strong character and warrior soul.

In the end I felt an amazing bond with her, her stories will always be in my memories, she gave me amazing experiences which I will remember always and all the time.

Anano Tsitskishvili is an European Solidarity Corps volunteer working in the clinic animation program Maria, Constantin, Dumitru, financialy suported by United Way of Romania.


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