Peers for Equality – Online Learning Platform Meeting

On 19th of November 2022 was held the Online Learning Platform meeting, conducted by Sergiu Mir – Senior Trainer in EPTO Associaion and Vinicius Ramos – the reprsentative and expert of PAR Association.

It was dedicated to the participants who attended the Training Course in Arad in July 2022, in which they have learned how to facilitate activities regarding gender equality.

As a follow-up to that face-to-face training course, this online meeting had the purpose of showing the participants- who now have the knowledge to manage the facilitating process – the Online Lerning Platform created by all the partners of the Peers for Equality project (Ofensiva Tinerilor, ACTOR, EPTO, INNOVED, INFOREF, and PAR). Vinicius had a presentation about how the platform works – how to register, the modules and the different types of activities included there.

The next step will be for the participants to create local workshops in which they will facilitate the learning process using this platform.


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