“Lessons in Schools” – by Mariam Shetekauri – AICI-ACOLO

In November, the volunteers had their first teaching experiences in primary schools.

Mariam was born in Akhmeta, Georgia, is 25 years old and is part of the Solidarity Actions for Kids project for 5 months. This was her first time teaching and shared her thoughts about her first lesson in a primary school:

“It’s really difficult to do something in the field you never did before. I entered the class and I didn’t know what to expect. I saw 6 years old children, their attention was on me with a happy face and shiny eyes. They couldn’t wait for me to start the lesson. It was quite funny, lovely and joyful experience. I tried to teach animals in Georgian language which is extraordinary hard even for adults – imagine what it will be with children. They were repeating the words loudly, they were explaining with voices to others. They collected Georgian letters to write an aninal’s name in Georgian. They were so exited to find the correct letters and do it well.

They were hugging, kissing and saying goodbyes to Georgia. That was the loveliest moments ever.”


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