“First time in Lacul Bucura” – By Maximo Perez

Maximo is a new volunteer, whi was born in Granada, Spain, is 25 years old and he began his project in November. He wanted to share some thoughts from the first time he went in the Lacul Bucura hospital.

“The first contact was very good. At first, I didn’t really know what the centre would be like and when I arrived I was pleasantly surprised.

The children were very affectionate and eager to do activities. I was struck by the fact that even though they were of different ages, they interacted with each other and had a very good relationship, as if they were a family.

We played football with the boys and girls, other ball sports, we inflated and played with balloons, we made paper aeroplanes and finally we coloured with markers.

It was great.”

All volunteers continue to go there every Tuesday and Thursday and most of them affirm enjoying their time there!


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