“First contact with a lesson” – by Chrisna Ribeiro

Chrisna is a new Spanish volunteer, born in Goiania, Brasil and is 22 years old has just began her project in Solidarity Actions for Kids 2022.

Last week she has witnessed a more experienced volunteer conducting a lesson in a primary school and shared her first thoughts about what it was like:

“The experience at the school was very pleasant. It was easy to get to, and it was well located.

As it was my first time I did not participate actively in the class but I was able to see how my classmate Florian did it and it was fun. The teacher was attentive all the time and tried to translate everything Florian explained to the children. She also tried to make them learn in a dynamic way by asking them to write on a sheet of paper things related to the presentation.

The children were very well behaved, they were attentive from beginning to end and liked his presentation.

I would like to come back and try to interact directly with them, propose games, videos, songs, etc.

For me everything was fine. “


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