“About the Puppet Worksops” – by Raul Fernandez

In November, the volunteers in Solidarity Actions for Kids project have had two puppetry workshops with Eugenia Barbu, actress and also the president of A.C.T.O.R., in which they have learned the basic knowledge about how to make a great performance for the kids in hospitals and social centers.

Raul Fernandez, one of the newest volunteers, shared his thoughts about this experience:

“In the training with puppets, Eugenia taught us different ways to make the puppets seem to have a life of their own so that the performances for the children will be more entertaining. The training helped us to practice other new ways of entertaining the children while having fun. We are also making puppet performances and such activities more enjoyable for everyone. Although it takes some practice to refine our skills, the workshops have been entertaining and I hope they will continue to be so in the future.”

Now, the volunteers are rehearsing and prepering a performance that will be held in all centers and hospitals A.C.T.O.R. works with, during the Christmas Campaign, which will take place between 15th and 20th of December.

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