Anano from Georgia- Working with Disable Kids


I am Anano from Georgia. I join the project “Solidarity in Action for Kids l”- 3 month ago and since that we are doing amazing job. I want to tell you about my experience in the DGAS PC district 4 Center for disable kids- Neghinita. Mostly we are going there for children from 2 to 8 years old to play with them, help them and make their days better. Often, we have different interesting performances. For example, shadow theatre, puppet show and others.

In September 30 me and the other volunteers had amazing performance – puppet show for them. That day children were dressed in Romanian traditional clothes and it was so adorable. Children were so excited when they saw puppets. We try hard to perform our show but it was impossible. They were thrilled and all they wanted was to play and interact with puppets, hug them and dance with it. 

Overall, that day in Neghinita was marvelous. Children were having fun, dance, sing, painting their hands over the paper, playing and had amazing time. It was awesome experience for me in Neghinita.

This project is financed by European Solidarity Corps

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