Giulia Fani volunteering for disable kids in her ESC stage “SMILE TO EU”

Working with Kids from RECUPERARE “centrul medical clinic de recuperare neuropsihomotorie copii”

Due to covid restrictions, the facility, being located inside a hospital, had been closed to volunteers until a few weeks ago so we’ve started visiting this center only recently, but for sure it is one of my favorites activities!

The clinical center receives patients from all over the country, including rural areas, and about 25% of patients being from Bucharest. These young patients come from families in foster homes. The center provides remedial medical services to children aged 0-18 with neuro psychomotor impairments.

Each week we host two afternoons of activities with the young patients at this center. When we arrive inside the facility, after sanitizing our hands and applying shoe covers at the entrance, we reach the main circular room.

At that point we get ready to welcome the children. We set up a table in the center of the room and moved some benches closer, being careful to leave enough room for children in wheelchairs to approach.

Because children have motor difficulties, we cannot present them with games that involve movement, but we have a wide choice of handicrafts to choose from and propose. The materials that can never be lacking during our activities at La Recuperare are paper for origami, pencils and markers, glue and scissors, and above all, colored stencils!

Unlike other facilities where we do our volunteer work, at La Recuperare the children are not ready and waiting for us, in fact they spend most of their time in the hospital rooms. So to invite them to sit next to us, we volunteers are the first to play and do some handicraft. It is a great way to rediscover your childish side!

It’s not long before the children start gathering around the table, some joining us on their own, others being accompanied by their parents or even doctors. If the parents have time, they too like to sit with us and participate in the activities!

We always have so much fun with them! Can’t wait to get back there!

Giulia Fani is involved in ESC program in SMILE TO EU project 2019-3-IT03-ESC11-017387, coordinated by the Italian organizationCemeea dell Mezo Giorno and implemented by ACTOR with the finacially support of European Solidarity Corps.

The clinic animation activities and financially supported by United Way of Romania

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