LGBTIQ+ ‘All Together = All the Colours’ seminar, 4-11 April, 2022 – Zarautz, Spain


At the beginning of April, 3 European Solidarity Corps mentors from ACTOR’s team ( Andreea Ilie, Andreea Iosif, Alexandrina Nicolescu) participated in an Erasmus+ youth workers’ mobility in Zarautz, Spain – a seminar focused on affective and sexual diversity in the youth field. The seminar gathered participants from 10 countries (Romania, Portugal, Greece, Estonia, Ireland, Lithuania, Germany, Bulgaria, Belgium and Croatia), dealing with young people belonging to the LGBTIQ+ community. The group was quite diverse: from teachers to civil activists and LGBTIQ+ experts.

The objectives of the project were:

  • Raise awareness on the topic of sexual diversity
  • Know about the problem of discrimination based on sexual orientation or identity and violence against this collective
  • Encourage an inclusive perspective in working with youngsters of the LGTBIQ+ collective
  • Learn and exchange different and new tools, techniques, methodologies, projects, and experiences to work with young people on sexual diversity
  • Promote the empowerment of the LGTBIQ+ collective as an educational element in the field of non-formal education in working with young people
  • Develop different skills and competencies, such as: creativity, initiative, organization, social skills, as well as digital skills
  • Promote cultural diversity
  • Encourage and promote reflection on the development of skills of the youth workers within the ERASMUS + program

Here is an interesting and relevant video that was debated during the seminar:

The participants acquired different competencies – knowledge, skills, and attitudes – that will enable them to work on the empowerment of the LGTBIQ+ community as a resource and tool to address this inequality. The participants were very committed on preparing different presentations/ sessions, that had a direct impact on the exchange of information and quality of the seminar – each country prepared and facilitated short presentations about the situation of the LGBTIQ+ community in their context (region/ country), presentations of good practices, energizers, etc.

The intercultural evenings were also very creative and everybody was excited and curious to try different delicious foods and drinks from each country, to watch videos and presentations about each country. The host country put up a real show – they presented the Basque Country in an interactive manner, with dances, songs, quizzes, traditional costumes, foods and drink samples.

Some of the methodologies used included:

  • Theater and interactive theater
  • Debates
  • World café
  • Quizzes (Kahoot, AhaSlides)
  • Flipchart presentations
  • Discussions with an expert
  • Treasure hunts in Zarautz and Donostia-San Sebastian

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