Alejandro Gómez and Jaime Atan Garrido, two A.C.T.O.R. volunteers from Spain to Centrul de Recuperare N. Robanescu


We are Alejandro Gómez and Jaime Atan Garrido, two ACTOR volunteers from Spain, and we are going to share our experience about the Centrul de Recuperare Nicolae Robanescu. This centre is one of our favourites, not only because of the good moments we spend there, but also because of the consequences we know our work has on the children. We go there twice per week, and we spend two amazing hours painting, drawing, colouring, and also talking and making jokes with them.

Some of the children are going through difficult moments, so the time they spend with us make them avoid thinking about it. Honestly, we hope to go to this place a lot of times from now on!!!

Mulțumim copii!!

The volunteers working in the clinical animation programs are hosted by ACTOR with the financial support of European Solidarity Corps  (2021-1-RO01-ESC51-VTJ-000037204).

The clinic animation programs are financialy supported by United Way Romania


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