Work Together- Good Practice visit to Bucharest

This is the first learning event that we have organised in the project. 3 participants from Latvia and 3 from Italy have had the posibility opportunity to interact with the realities that the host organization has to manage in its local transgenerational activities. At the same time, a series of exercises were organized in which each of the participants developed new communication and intercultural cooperation skills.

Work Together is an Eramsus Plus project with the contract nr 2020-1-LV01-KA201- 077539, aproved by the Latvian National Agency.
Duration was 14 months- between 01/02/2022 and 01/04/2023

Project’s Goals:
1. To promote the use of intergenerational education in schools and pre-schools;
2. To promote social inclusion of seniors.

3 Exchange for Good Practices in Romania, Italy and Latvia
3 Senior Volunteering Mobilities Romania, Italy and Latvia
Creating a good practice booklet


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