Je suis Elodie

Hi everyone ! This is so complicated to write about yourself…. and in english futhermore but… Lets’ try 🌼 My name is Elodie, I’m french and it’s the first time I leave France for a long time. I have a bachelor’s degree in « Literature, Cinema, Theater and dance ». I am not sure at all about what I will do later in my life, but all I know is that I’m very happy to be here, in Bucarest. I love meeting new people, reading, theater and so many things. To me Art is the best way to work your imagination and to connect people each other. That’s why I love art so much, this is a universal language. Before coming here, I’ve made a « Service Civique » in France, which is a kind of volunteering. I was in a town hall for a Street Art project so I’ve worked with kids and a professional street artist. It was a rewarding experience that made me realize that I love children a lot. Take care 🌞❤️

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