Welcome to Alvaro!

Hello everyone!

I am Álvaro and I have been volunteer for 5 weeks, maybe it is a bit late for my presentation but in Spain we take things slowly. As you may have deduced I am Spanish, I used to live in Alcalá de Guadaíra (Seville). I love Andalusian culture, food, traditions and everything related to my region. I’m joking all day and I have to warn you that my jokes are really, really bad. About my past life, I finished two yeas ago my degree in Electronical & Robotic Engineering with merits and then I worked in the University of Seville as an ingenieer. My passions are eating tasty food and chess (yes, I am playing on-line chess all day). In addition to this, I am also discovering the world of origami since I arrived here. Furthermore, I really enjoy spending time with the other volunteers with whom I got on very well and with whom I felt welcome from the moment I arrived in Romania. Last but not least ¡VIVA EL BETIS!

Alvaro Morales Márquez

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