Say hello to Gemma!

My name is Gemma, I´m 26 years old and I´m from a little village of Valencia. Its name is Enguera, it is in the mountain and it is very beautiful. I have always liked science, so I studied biotechnology and after forensic sciences and food biotechnology. Before, I was working in a laboratory analysing oil´s quality and also I helped children with maths and quemistry. In my free time, I used to dance with my group of dance, it is called Afrikahí and we dance batukada mostly. But also I love go to the mountain with my little dog Coco and spend hours hiking during the weekend.I decided to come here because I wanted a total change and take a break. In addition, I want to learn with children and how is living in a different country with people that not speak the same language or have the same traditions, get out of my comfort zone and go back to Spain personally enriched. At the beginning I´m shy but if I know people more this change, also I consider I´m constant with my little goals and a little bit ironic. One of my favourite things is chocolate, dogs, dance, do crafts, spend time with my friends and above all, being with Coco but I hate sports with ball, cold days, watch series with laughter in the background and to eat lentils. Currently, I´m here 3 months and I have met a lot of wonderful people with whom I have shared trips, flat, little parties, performances or lessons. I´m so happy to be here and to be able to discover new things little by little.

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