Easter Campaign – 25.04.2021. We dare to help!

The Sunday before Easter, A.C.T.O.R’s volunteers went to the front of some churches of the capital with baskets filled with colourful flowers. Made out of paper napkins, the roses represent a lot for the Association. For eleven years, European and Romanian volunteers have gathered donations at the occasion of the Palm day. The money is used to help the children of hospitals or centers we are working with during the rest of the year: we will give them bags with toys, food, clothes…

This year was fruitful. I went to the golden Russian church, with a group of volunteers, and I enjoyed it a lot. I am not a religious person but I always like this type of event. Where I am from, in Corsica, the religious celebrations like the Palm Sunday have an important place in the local culture. It is the occasion to make beautiful artworks out of palm leaves.
Here in Romania, ”Floriile” is a popular celebration too. A lot of people came to the Russian church, where my group was, a branch of willow in their hands. Our roses started to complete almost every bouquet! This generosity was amazing, we also gave a lot of flowers to the children who were playing around.

Alice Galzin

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