My Romanian adventure – how it started

I’m Paulina Gołębiowska, 28 and I come from Poland. I am part of on Communion Youth Work project and I came to Bucharest to be a trainee in the A.C.T.O.R association. My project lasts 6 months and I hope during this time I discover more about myself as well as gain professional skills in terms of management of European Solidarity Corps projects.

Back in Poland, I was cooperating with NGO where I worked as a project manager. It was very challenging and sometimes overwhelming and I felt that I need to get to know a fresh perspective on this job. Thought that the best way to do it will be putting myself in the shoes of the participant again. I already did my EVS in Macedonia a few years ago so that wasn’t an option. I knew that the ESC program offers traineeship and jobs so I decided to try my chances. I found an open call to Bucharest, Romania, and I had the feeling that this is something that I need now in my life. Also, as a big enthusiast of the Balkans, I was very glad that I will have an opportunity to live in this region again. I have visited Romania (Bucharest too) before and I remembered kind people and beautiful nature.

I arrived in April, ready to share my experience in youth work and get to know how the other organization with a rich history (A.C.T.O.R has 20 years!) are operating within the ESC program, how they are dealing with the COVID pandemic, and what kind of social change they do in Romania. I know how life-changing can be volunteering projects and I want to help young people make their experience here even more meaningful. Doing that I hoped to gain skills in project management, team management, and self-confidence that will be useful in any job I will be doing after this traineeship.

To be continued…

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