Welcome, Sena

Yeyoo, It is Sena Gülbahar. I am from Turkey🇹🇷 . I am 22 years old and a 4th-grade pharmacy student. I am trying to be an unusual pharmacy student (being less nerd 😊). I work as a chair of a pharmacy association and also in the Erasmus Student Network voluntarily. I love to communicate with people and help them, managing events and being part of teamwork. Let’s say that keeping busy myself is my lifestyle. My hobbies are trekking, camping, visiting and also travelling with google maps, ı have started to do this more in guarantee period. I enjoy it because ı can feel that when ı plan something, ı will have it during my lifetime. I like to try new things because in this way ı can see my borders and discover that ı am more than who ı am. ı would love to try some extreme sports such as scuba diving, skydiving, bungejumbing (my mind can be change when ı really have a chance to try 😅) My favourite person in the world is my baby brother (5years old, he exactly looks like me jajaj) The thing is ı afraid of ‘having a monotonous life’ after my graduation. I am pretty sure that ı won’t let it happen. My fun fact is I am addicted to using Twitter, ı have 6k followers also with some celebrities. That is all about me, for more let’s keep in touch 💁‍♀️🤟

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