Hola, I’m Diego!

Hello! Hola! 😊🥳My name is Diego Jiménez, I’m from Seville, a city in the South of Spain, and I’m 24 years old. I have studied English Literature and Linguistics, and a master degree in Education. When I began my degree, I wanted to be an English teacher, but right now, I know that it will not bring me happiness. For this reason, I was thinking about my future during the first convid quarantine, and I decided to study a flight attendant course, since I love travelling, languages, meeting new people, etc. When I finished it, I thought it was the best moment to change my life and go out of my comfort zone. 🪂 I have always wanted to participate in a volunteer program, since I think it is the perfect way to grow personally, to be able to feed ourselves from the world, and to contribute our best.When I found this project, I liked very much because it is amazing to interact with children and learn all together. 🥰Finally, I would like to talk about my main expectations about this volunteering. I would like to learn from children, other volunteers, Romania, etc, and to help children and people to be happy… And always…CARPE DIEM!

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