Briana presentation

Hey! I’m Briana and im from Argentina, I also lived 5 years of my life in france.Since I am a child I enjoyed a lot to do theatre, to ask everything about a lot of topics. I love languajes and I want to learn as much is possible, by travelling, changing countries, meeting new people, new cultures, discovering, learning and sharing. sharing myself, sharing who I am and receiving ahat the others share with me.I play ukulele and I sing almost all the time,because it makes me feel free, and I love it! ❤ as dance too.To live the present in the best way as posible and to keep in peace with my ownself, are some of the most important things to me.I’m here in Bucarest- Romania as a volunteer because i was looking to leave my comfort zone and to discover others new things before go to the university.I am 19 and I think that i will probably have a lot of time to do universitary studies, so… let’s have new and diferents experiences befores! So exited to be here and let’s keep in contact:)

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