“Here I Am!” Carmen Sanchez has in SOLID.A.I.R. a new start

Buna ziua to everyone!

My name is Carmen and I am from Spain. I was born in Toledo, Castilla-La Mancha, the region of Don Quixote, but I grew up in a small village called Madridejos, although I have been studying and living in Madrid 10 years. I have studied Modern Languages at the university, I can speak Spanish and French and I am in process of improving my English. I am 29 years old, and in my near future I would like to become a language teacher. I have already lived abroad few times: I was working as an au pair in France during 6 months in the beautiful city of Nice and I also did a short term volunteering in the north of Greece, in a small village whose name is Polykastro, working with refugee people from January to March of the present year. I love traveling around the world and discovering new recipes of another countries because I enjoy cooking. I have just visited some countries in Europe, but I would love to visit all the continents after the COVID-19 pandemic. I consider myself an optimistic and dynamic person. I always try to make people smile and cheer them up. According to my friends, I am an easy-going person and very active in the morning, there is always a song stuck in my head. In order to know me better you should know:3 things I like: the sound of the steps in movies; the smell of the freshly laundered sheets; and eating the ice-cream with a tiny spoon.3 things I dislike: eating while walking on the street; fizzy drinks (I remove the sparkles with a spoon); and sleeping with socks. I am looking forward to starting this new adventure and meeting a lot of people in order to share many experiences.

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