“Volunteering is a rather strange experience”- by Alejandro Aurelio Rivera Alvarez (SOLID.A.I.R.)

Bucharest, Romania, XXVIII.III.MMXXI

What if for… volunteering?

Volunteering is a rather strange experience. In essence, it is not only about willingly performing an activity for the sake of helping a cause. Even if the volunteer decides on its own to take part fully in a project, the terms do not imply solely giving and working. When the agreement in between parties has been reached, the volunteer acknowledges some sort of getting, which comes implicit in the contract of doing.

The expectations of getting sometimes do seem to overcome the workload that one is expected to give during the act. Thus, what is the point of volunteering, if not ‘giving for getting’? Regardless of the hard work, the volunteers seem to get much more than what they give. Nevertheless, and by no means, I believe this should be taken negatively. What a volunteer earns is not only income.

The experience is much more enriching than a normal job, for by willingly giving something, without the concerns of getting something proportionally valuable in exchange, the reward becomes bigger. Does this make any sense? Not quite, it is rather confusing and abstract, although it can have a sense.

But I also believe that volunteering is much more about getting than about giving. The whole experience is very much worth it. Helping for the sake of helping; giving for the sake of getting (whatever comes). It is a very kind relation of exchange and both parts are certainly obtaining, hopefully, something nice from it all. I hope everyone goes through this life changing experience. If the chance is there, volunteering is a must for a while.

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