Solidarity For Me… – Ekaterina Gureva (Solid.A.I.R. Volunteer 2020-2021)

What is Solidarity for me

When I think about Solidarity in my mind come words like unity, mutual support, bonds, common interests. In my opinion being a volunteer means that you want to be part of the solidarity. Then people unite for a cause in which they believe.

The Bradet experience for me was solidarity in action. Some of the volunteers gathered together early in the morning ( 5:45 o clock) and travelled the whole way from Bucharest to the mountain to get to Bradet- the center for children and teenagers with behavioral disorders.


The day before we took the full bags for the children and put them into the van. The Van was filled up. Even some of the seats were taken because of the stuff.

So, we brought clothes, shoes, toys gathered from volunteers. Snack was included as well. Some helpers from the Bradet center came and unloaded the Van with us. They were very grateful for everything. I was grateful too. I felt myself doing something that was needed by someone. I was happy to be part of the team and to take action for this cause.

What a about you- do you want to take part in Solidarity in action?

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