Solidarity: A concept – Article written by Irene Gior ( volunteer Solid.A.I.R. 2020-2021)

At the begining of ‘90 Wigtestein said that is impossible give one unique definition of the concept of game. There are games that you can play alone, other with many people, other with ball and so on. But when we speak about games, every one understand what it is. It is the same for the meaning of solidarity. There are many different kinds of solidarity and every one can give his personal definition but when we speak about that is possible understand what is solidarity and what it’s not. It can be used to explain a lot of different situations and behaviours. Solidarity is a woman that founds a cat in the street and she takes it home with there. Solidarity is a father that help the son with the homework’s. Solidarity is a child that share his games with other children. It can be friendships, helping each other, and be open to people near you. It could be as love, that is something that enriches you more when you give than when you received. For me solidarity is try to do my best for me and for others, and it is remains in connection with different situations and with people.

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