My first impressions of Bucharest – Ekaterina Gureva ( volunteer in Solid.A.I.R. 2020 – 2021)


I have been in Bucharest, Romania for 15 days now and I am gonna tell you some of the things that caught my attention on the first place.

I saw that some of the drivers in the city drive really fast and stop suddenly. But when I cross the pedestrian’s walk they usually stop.

Other thing that is interesting for me is that Bucharest is divided into 6 Sectors. I am living now in the 4th Sector. I liked the 2nd Sector very much when I saw that the name of the streets that are named after composers such as Chopin, Paganini, Mozart and so on. I love music, so definitely this was impressive for me.

In Sofia,Bulgaria- the city that I come from we don’t have such big lakes in the parks. I really like the parks Tineretului and Herăstrău. In Tineretului there are so many attractions for children and a big lake that you can chill near it and enjoy the peace. In Herăstrău there is also a big lake in the middle of the park and you walk in the park around the lake. You can pay for a boat trip.

I am very curious to know the city better. Not only the city but the country as well.


Written by Ekaterina Gureva – Volunteer from Sofia ( Bulgaria)

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