Between new flavours and new streets – Bucharest in my first days of stay ( Laura Bertin – Volunteer in Solid.A.I.R. 2020 – 2021)


Before this project, I didn’t know about Romania. But after, I took time for prepare, I check videos and websites about the history more specifically the communist time, the daily life, tourism. With the coronavirus crisis, I checked the evolution each week. I read news on an online newspaper. I tried to prepare myself as best I could so that the cultural differences weren’t too difficult.

We can’t have a opinion if we don’t know. For the moment, I had just visited Bucharest, it’s a little part of the Romania. Already I say : the capital is not representative of the country. I should visit the different regions for have a real image of Romania.

About the Romanian people, I met kind persons, during the first week , I ask to a man for find a bus. When I visited the Passaj Lacrosse, a young person takes a picture of me with my camera.

About the food, I ate many dishes: polenta, mici, meat. So far, I’m not disappointed. I still have a lot of dishes to discover.

In my opinion, Romania is worth discovering, I’m very lucky to live in this country. Even if this country isn’t perfect, there’s no such thing as a perfect country, if you have an opportunity, come to Romania.


Article written by Laura Bertin – Volunteer from France

The Solid.A.I.R. project is financially supported by European Solidarity Corps program.

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One thought on “Between new flavours and new streets – Bucharest in my first days of stay ( Laura Bertin – Volunteer in Solid.A.I.R. 2020 – 2021)

  1. Das ist ja erste Sahne, Danke schön! Dies hat mir gefallen und ist
    wirklich belehrend. Die Gedankenfinde ich nachvollziehbar.
    Ebendiese Eingebungen sind mir gleichfalls schon durch das Denkzentrum gegangen. Denn
    ich berücksichtige, dass das des Weiteren für meinen Lesern ein informierendes Thema verkörpert.

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