International Children’s Day 2020- Article by Stephanny Ferreira (SOLID A.I.R.)



On June 1. International Children’s Day is celebrated through out the globe as established by the United Nations General Assembly in 1956. Among many things. the date was designed so that society takes a real dimension that children are the most vulnerable sector to the most worrisome problems in the world. such as poverty, wars, economic and political crises.

On Children’s Day it is worth remembering all the rights that protect children such as the right to health, education , protection and to grow with their basic needs and care covered – and the debt that each country and the international community has with its fulfillment. The UN provision also establishes that in the Int. Children’s Day, activities in which children are the protagonists should be promoted. Besides having a day of enjoyment, the date is also supposed to serve as a reminder of their rights for them and for the whole society in general (parents, educators, policy makers, etc.).

The A.C.T.O.R. Association. based in Bucharest. did not let this day go by unnoticed, despite the pandemic and its lasting effects. Among many activities that took place both online and in person these days. volunteers traveled to the Bradet village in the Brasov County in order to deliver boxes full of toys and some sweet delicacies for the children at the Bradet social center. an institution responsible for caring for children with disabilities from the village and surrounding areas. Social distancing rules were kept. but smiles (able to be seen through special see-through masks) and the will to do something for others were always present.

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