ART&SOLIDARITY IN THE PARK- Article by Gianluigi Angelastri (SOLID A.I.R.)


The International Children’s Day on June 1 was celebrated with a lot of enthusiasm at the A.C.T .O.R. Association.Over the weekend and the following days, the volunteers prepared and presented several performances for children and the parents alike. After all,not only Children’s Date was being celebrated,but also the slow come back to the new normality after the whole crisis created by the Covid-19.

On June 1,the volunteers were invited by a teacher they had been collaborating online with throughout the lock-down months to join in a “end of the school year event”. The volunteers divided into two groups with two different performances:a puppet story about “Summer Claus”, the summer version of Santa Claus,and a kamishibai adaptation (Japanese style of theater) representing a Brazilian folk story about the Boitata, the protector of the Amazon Forest. Besides the performances, the volunteers also taught the children some dance choreographies and joined in activities with children and their parents.

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