Meet Maria, a Trainee in ACTOR ( CYW Jobs and Traineeships)

“Communion in Youth Work” – ESC Jobs and  Traineeships 

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European solidarity corps, since the beginning of this 2020, has started new projects about Jobs and Traineeships to give more opportunities to young people, helping them to enhance their skills and experience thus facilitating their employability into the labor market.


In Bucharest, the association A.C.T.O.R. has decided to embrace this new opportunity through the project “Communion in Youth Work”.


I have been working here since February as trainee with my other two colleagues from Italy and Portugal. My job is based on support them working on different tasks that they are giving me everyday.


The project we are working on is also linked with European solidarity corps. It’s an ESC volunteering project. It is about non-formal and clinical animation in schools, kindergartens and hospitals in Bucharest and surrounding.

For this reason, we are constantly in contact with volunteers from different countries to support and to facilitate their learning process through workshops and activities about shadow theater, origami workshops, team building games and many others things and we are surely open to accept ideas from our talented volunteers.

This means that our work environment is multicultural.


At the beginning of my project, I was a seed in a vase without water, the more the time passed the more the plant grow thanks to the water that every day was giving live to it.

That plant symbolize my learning process which is constantly growing and I am always learning new things.

All the things I have been learning here will be really useful for my professional future.


Maria Comodo

Communion in Youth Work

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