Solidarity in times of crisis – Article from Alessandro Amoroso (Solid.A.I.R. )


As a volunteer in Romania for 4 months now I’ve had the chance to get used to a different everyday lifestyle that involves a lot of cultural diversity and challenges to face, but it’s in a time of crisis like the one we’re living that I learned to see the many faces of solidarity.

Ever since the global pandemic of covid-19 has imposed itself so suddenly and oppressively on people’s lives, forcing a total lockdown in many countries around the world, our daily lives have turned into this static limbo where everyone is concerned taking measures in order for the situation to get better, but along with the fear and discomfort that come with it I realised there’s just as many brilliant, creative and solidaire sides of people surfacing brightly and soundly. Thanks to means like internet and computers it’s easier to feel this walls of self-quarantine separating each of us get thinner and thinner to the point that we’re more in contact with one another, storming ideas and plans to develop as soon as we’re physically together again, sharing our healthy daily habits and becoming emotional pillars able to support the weight that otherwise we’d be living alone on our skins.

For most of the younger generations this is the first time in history we are affected by a global crisis, but the reaction of many youngsters has been outstandingly motivating. We could be waiting patiently, but we’re creating more stories, activities and lessons to share with the kids in the schools that are now staying at home, giving them the chance to burst out their built-up energies, screaming and laughing out loud together with us, we’re bonding closer together as people and friends and we’re not ceasing the passion that drove us here, we’re feeding it even more with the negative thoughts and frustration for this unfairness that keeps us from shaking hands, hugging people and be free.

“- Can we really be united in times like these?” “- Are we allowed to love without touching each other?” In this very moment I feel closer than I’ve ever been to people, because I receive and give as much love as I can possibly do. One meter away. One block away. One city away. One country away.

Alessandro Amoroso Volunteer of A.C.T.O.R. in Bucharest 

SolidA.I.R. is a project supported by European Solidarity Corps program.

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