First Steps – Starting the new project “Communion in Youth Work” – ESC Jobs and Traineeships

Last February, the ACTOR Association received new members in its work team. This is the first step of many in the association and will reveal the potential of the new ESC project – European Solidarity Corps: Jobs and Traineeships. This European initiative is important to support and empower young people who want to work in different areas and in community and solidarity projects. It also helps future professionals to be more solid in terms of knowledge and experience. Organizations, on the other hand, benefit from having young innovators motivated to collaborate in new projects, and benefit from an increase in operational quality. However, the objective is also to provide young people with the opportunity to learn “by doing”, observing the day-to-day lives of organizations and understanding the social and cultural dynamics of a complex and multifaceted communities that exist today in an Europe going through a process of social and political reconstruction.

Inês (from Portugal – Job) and Maria (from Italia – Traineeship) have already started their programs and have contact with all the dynamics of the organization. They were involved in preparing activities with volunteers, managing information and documents, preparing activities KA2 “Me + ntor_ESC” – Seminar. However, despite the support of the organization and the structure of the ESC program – the participants inevitabilly had to deal with e/immigration processes and border policies outside the Schengen zone. It is still an important observation to understand the European construction itself. It is a complex but valuable process for these two professionals and their careers, we hope your stay is good and the ACTOR team wishes you the best of luck. Welcome and much success!

Written by Inês Vasquez

This project is supported by European Solidarity Corps

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