Call for partners for MINDfull, TC in Romania


Call for Partners


Training Course for Wellbeing in Youth Work

MAY 2020 – 2 Mai village, Romania

Asociatia Culturala pentru Teatru si Origami din Romania – A.C.T.O.R.

Dear Partner, here you can find the details about the project submitted in the October Erasmus+ deadline by A.C.T.O.R..

Is a 10 day training course – 2nd to 12th of May 2020 (travel days included) held in the Black Sea side of Romania in a village called 2MAI, close to Mangalia, Constanta county.


Summary of the project

For who?

For 30 Youth workers, Trainers, Mentors and Group leaders that deal with international and local youth.

For what? To cooperate for the development of competencies in well being and emotional management in intercultural field using arts as method.



– To explore creative methods to reach harmony (balance) between personal and professional life;

– Sharing  practices how the well being is approached in different cultures in Europe thought projects in Erasmus+

–  To explore the potentials of creative practices to improve the well being in intercultural work;

– To promote well being in European dimension projects.




Within a non-formal education environment, it will be held the following workshops:

  • Creative Writing;
  • Modeling, Sculpture;
  • Theater;
  • Puppetry;
  • Meditation;

In parallel, there will be icebreaker games, team building, energizers to enhance a rich and unique experience.



Mangalia is a Romanian port city, next to Constanta, in the Black Sea. It’s known for the sandy beaches, however is home of an old community connected with sea life and fishing. The local youth have few opportunities to stay for that very reason most of them run to big cities to find out better jobs and education. Due to the impact of climate changes and bad management of the sea resources, the black sea and the sea life live a critical moment compromising the social and ecological sustainability of the region.

This mean, this training has sustainable concerns to minimize the ecological impact in the region. Let’s leave the planet a better place!

Profile of the Organizations

 We are open for all the European Union Countries!

We are looking for responsible partners who will select and send 4-5 motivated Youth Workers or people that work with young people and who can integrate the learning into their practice and are interested and willing to initiate Erasmus+ projects.

Compromise as well to prepare and help the participants for the Training.

  • Ready to cooperate in an Erasmus+ Project
  • Are willing and able to communicate in English
  • Board and lodging: fully covered
  • Travel: as per Erasmus+ programme

If your organisation is interested in becoming a partner of this training please contact Inês Vasquez at: & complete the mandate.

Dead line Saturday 28.09.19.

Thank you and see you soon!

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