ESD (second flow) has just started!

Hello folks!
It’s our pleasure to introduce you the second flow of European Solidarity Design, an EVS project that has started in January 2018 with its first flow and since 17 days is back with the second flow.

Based on a workshop realized few days ago by Antonio Lionetti about visual practices, our volunteers decided to use some of those drawings to realize a short funny movie to introduce themselves.

Are you curious to know them better?
Here you can read more about them!

Coline Coline

My name is Coline Piron, I’m 17 years and I come from Belgium. I am a creative and open minded girl. I also like doing sports and working with children.
My expectations from this EVS are to work with children (also with disabilities) and working collaboratively to improve my English, live new adventures/challenges, discover other cultures (Romanian and the ones of other volunteers), meet new people from others nationalities, acquire new skills and knowledge, learn more about myself and my limits and deal with different difficult situations in order to learn from them.

 Henderika henderika.jpg

Hallo! My name is Henderika, 28 years old and I come from Holland. Sport (with a ball mostly), nature and learning new things makes me happy.

My expectations of my ESD adventure are to learn about my own culture and myself trough living and working with an other culture. This project will make me embrace my own creativity and make it grow in different ways.


Luana luana.jpeg

I’m Luana, (from Italy)

A little wave colorful and full of contrasts
With a foot on a cloud
And an other on the floor
I’m trying to understand the world under my feet
I don’t know where i’m going…exactly
But I am on my way
Slowly slowly

What I expect from this EVS?
Communicate and play with the differences
Take the best from the people and what sorrounds me
…and learn from this, for myself for my work for my life


My name in Nadia and I come from Greece!
My passion is visual arts. This is my basic way to find my mindfulness and to communicate.
I would like to share my ideas and achievements with other Europeans.
My expectation for this EVS, is to find also multiple verbal ways to communicate my thoughts and to get inspiration from others. Also, I would like to try contract improvisation in Bucharest and maybe use it with children!
This is me now.

Olimpia Olimpia.png

Hey, my name is Olimpia and I’m 23 years old. I was born in Romania, but I’ve been living in Italy since I was 10 years old. I graduated in Political and Social Sciences at the University of Turin. I am very curious about everything and I like to learn new things.

My expectations for this experience are: to improve my English and my knowledge of the Rumanian social system and rediscover my origins, to learn many things about visual arts and art in general, to know new cultures and to make new friends, to travel a lot.
And above all try to be helpful or maybe an inspiration for someone.


I’m Rubén and I am a 25 years old boy who comes from Spain. I have studied graphic design and I consider myself really curious and adventurous.

I think this volunteering is the best chance to implement my knowledge and share wonderful moments working as a team, learning a lot of things about the rest of the group, the country and myself, also I’d like to improve my English.


My name is Ruth, I am 26 years old and I come from a small village in Teruel, Spain. I like to see “the good side of things” and thinking positively, I also enjoy sharing stories, especially if it is around a table with good food.

During my EVS I hope to learn about myself, share experiences and approach with others cultures. I really want to explore new ways and try to improve all of my communications skills.


…and the 8th volunteer is about to come… Stay tuned to find out who she is! 😉

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