Take Off: “La revedere, Alyssa si Luc!”

Today Alysa and Luc are flying back to France after one month of EVS spent in Bucharest in A.C.T.O.R for a project, TAKE OFF, coordinated by Pistes Solidaires (France).

Luc & Alyssa

Here Alyssa and Luc writing about their experience.



I’ve been in Romania for a month now, as part of the EVS. During this month, I had the opportunity to do a lot of things. I was able to discover the Romanian culture and life, put an opinion on the judgments I had before coming about Romania/Romanians.

I had the opportunity to work with sick or struggling children during animation workshops in hospitals. It was a real pleasure to be there for them, to give them a smile and a good time. I was able to visit Transylvania with two other volunteers, during which we went to Brasov and the Busteni mountains. I think it was my favorite moment!

This EVS was a great experience for me. I don’t regret any time spent here. I thank ACTOR for allowing me to carry out this project, as well as Pistes Solidaires.

Alyssa 2

Luc 2Luc

Hi everyone I had the chance to do this EVS in Bucharest in the association A.C.T.O.R during one month. The coordinators are really nice and also the mentors.

During this EVS I was able to do activities with children in difficulty in several hospitals and prepare activities in group for kids. I also met lots of volunteers from all over Europe and it was really rewarding, especially traveling around Romania to visit Brasov, Busteni and Bran, these are really beautiful cities and the Busteni mountains are even more!


All this made me to want to do another EVS, but longer next time because this one was too short! I feel that I would still have had so much to do here… I thank Silvia, Antonio Stefaniţa and Alexandrina for having welcomed me and guided during this month. I wish you a good continuation!


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