Filippo: my EVS experience in VT17

Hi! Here is Filippo and I’m leaving Romania.

It seems just yesterday when I arrived in Bucharest on 7th January and I went with Marco, Jon, Isanne and Marta to “Axxxx” where I ate the worst pizza of my life, but now I’m finishing and I’m the “older volunteer”.

Now that I’m leaving, I realize how much time has flown; I realize how to say “goodbye” is difficult. During these 8 months I have rediscovered many things that over time I was forgetting: what means traveling, laughing, suffering, falling and then getting up… Something means trusting someone who is actually a stranger, but who then could become your best friend.

I also learned what means cold, ahah! During these months I have truly tested myself, I have done things that I could not even have imagined: making the clown for children, lessons in the schools. I helped and gave a smile to many children and young people.

During these months I have traveled in spectacular places, I have seen fairy lakes, snow-capped mountains and bears. During these months I met wonderful people and I found good friends who made me live a wonderful experience that made me grow and appreciate the little things in life. And it is precisely them that I want to thank, because without them this experience would have been empty. So guys despite the struggles, the discussions: THANKS! THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Thanks, Grandpa Jon and Grandma Dovile, Mama Marie, Luis, Marco, Elenuzza, Antonio and Silvia, Mathilde, Patricia, Tzella, Manuel, Natalie, Tiago, Lina and Valentin.

Thanks Lea, Catarina, Isanne and Jara.

Thanks Zoe, Marta, Anaelle, Innocent, Sarah, Clara, Paul, Nuria, Maud, Lisa and Krizia.

Multumesc frumos prieteni mei!

filippo 2

Volunteer: Filippo Alamanni

EVS project: Vitamin T 17

Coordinating and Hosting Organization: A.C.T.O.R.

Sending Organization: Associazione Culturale LINK, Italy

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