Filippo: “Il treno dell’emigrante”


Gianni Rodari

Non è grossa, non è pesante

It’s not big, it’s not heavy
la valigia dell’emigrante…

the baggage of the emigrant…
C’è un po’ di terra del mio villaggio,

There is a bit of soil from my village,
per non restar solo in viaggio…

to don’t be alone in the travel..
un vestito, un pane, un frutto

one dress, one bread, a fruit
e questo è tutto.

and that’s all.
Ma il cuore no, non l’ho portato:

But not the heart, I didn’t bring it:
nella valigia non c’è entrato.

it didn’t enter in my bag.
Troppa pena aveva a partire,

It had too much pain to leave,
oltre il Mare non vuole venire.

beyond the Sea it doesn’t want to come.
Lui resta, fedele come un cane.

It stays, faithful as a dog.
nella terra che non mi dà pane:

in the country which doesn’t give me the bread:
un piccolo campo, proprio lassù…

a little field, right up there…
Ma il treno corre: non si vede più.

But the train runs: it disappears.

When I read this poem I started to think about my Island, about my country, about all of my friends who are far away, so I decided to create a movie about this poem.

In this video I tried to put my feelings about immigrations, my feelings about leaving your home, your land, your family, everything… When people ask me why I don’t want to come back to Sardinia every time I answer saying: “My Island will wait for me, because she doesn’t move and I know my heart is still there, he will wait and wait my return.”

This poem remembers me how the world is becoming bad, how people have to move from their countries because there they can not eat, leaving there everything, they leave hoping and looking for a piece of bread, a job, a future. This people are moving, leaving their own country but they will keep it in the heart because it is their land, their home.

Filippo Alamanni – Vitamin T17

EVS Project financed by Erasmus +
Coordinating/Hosting Organization: A.C.T.O.R. – Asociatia Culturala pentru Teatru si Origami din Romania

Sending Organization: Associazione Culturale LINK, Altamura, Italia

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