Vitamin T 17 – Magazine Online | English and Romanian version (download PDF)

Vitamin T 17 is quickly coming to the end…
EVS volunteers have been working since the beginning on the visibility of the project by writing articles and promoting the project Facebook page (here Vitamin T 17 Facebook page), coordinated by their EVS Coordinator and A.C.T.O.R. staff.

In plus, they have selected some articles and created a funny project magazine to always keep with them their nice memories and spread the “vitamin t” all around Europe 🙂

Special thanks to Jon, Marie and Natalie, who took the task of collecting pictures, articles and gave shape to the magazine, coordinated by Antonio Lionetti and Silvia Tursi.

Here you can download the magazine in PDF

English version: magazine_VT17_English Version

Romanian version: magazine_VT17_Romanian version

Schermata 2018-08-22 a 12.12.56.png

Vitamin T 17 – EVS project financed by Erasmus +

Coordinated by A.C.T.O.R. – Asociatia Culturala pentru Teatru si Origami din Romania

EVS Coordinator: Silvia Tursi

Sending Partners: 

Associacón Mille Cunti (Spain)

Associação Mais Cidadania (Portugal)

Associazione Culturale Link (Italy)

Pistes Solidaires (France)

Verein 4YOUgen (Austria)

EVS volunteers:

Krizia Myriam Campobasso (Italy)

Maud Crausaz (France)

Zoé David (France)

Clara Quintana Silva (Spain)

Juan Josè Ruiz Luque (Spain)

Sarah Rouxel (France)

Elisabetta Tonin (Italy)

Filippo Alamanni (Italy)

Valentin Berg (Austria)

Mathilde Chene (France)

Marie Granger (France)

Patricia Martins (Portugal)

Natalie Punz (Austria)


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