What is “Aici Acolo” program?

Schools are closed, but our volunteers remember very well how was for them going to different classrooms and having their socio-cultural activities with children from very different ages. Here is Marie from France (Pistes Solidaires), who belongs to the EVS project Vitamin T17, telling us how much fun the so-called AICI – ACOLO Program was for her. 😉

The program “Aici Acolo” was created by the association ACTOR in Romania.  Volunteers go to schools and kindergartens to do activities, non-formal lessons with children, promoting the concepts of art for education and cultural diversity.

We have activities of about 25 minutes in kindergartens and 45 minutes or 1h in primary schools. Each one of us creates his/her own “lesson” for children, using non-formal methods. We speak, for example, of our country, we make games, dances / music etc … It all depends on what the volunteer wants to do with the children we are pretty free in choosing what we want to share about us, life, culture, country and hobbies.
Children are always very happy to welcome us to their classes and teachers, too. For almost all volunteers it is a new experience, but it’s a very beautiful experience for all of us! Personally, I enjoyed a lot to spend time with children in schools and deep down I miss it a lot!

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