Remembering Easter Campaign

Yesterday you have read about the fundraising campaign “De florii, flori pentru copii”. Today you can read Natalie, our EVS Austrian volunteer in the project Vitamin T17, telling us about her feelings the week after, when she went with the other volunteers to give the gifts to the hospitalized children.

One of the biggest events for the volunteers of A.C.T.O.R. is the annual “Easter Campaign”. The goal of the event is to raise money for children in hospitals. Everyone in the project was participating in the preparations and looking forward for the special day. On the first of April we spread all over Bucharest. We had the luck that many local Romanian volunteers decided to support us. We were small groups of about 10 people each. Every group had one church to visit. To raise money, we continued with the tradition of preparing a ton of napkin flowers and offering them to the people leaving the churches. The people could choose if donate or not and if yes, the amount of money they wanted to donate.

After a successful day of raising money for children we were all very satisfied with our work. The following week we visited the hospitals and surprised the kids with bags of presents. It was definitely the best part of the whole campaign! We prepared many and different performances for children, many activities related with Easter, played with children and offered them gift bags, one big per each child full of toys, food and school material.

The whole campaign was an interesting experience to all of us. This year we reached a new record. We had more donations than the past years! We are very proud of this achievement and hope to continue like this next year!


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