We are (A)ctive (I)nvolved (R)esponsible!

Centrul de Recuperare Bradet-Sacele is a recovery center for children with disabilities from disadvantaged families. Since children are from disadvantaged families, they stay and live in the center long term. At the moment there are around 60 children living in Bradet center. Also, this center provides children with help from specialists.


Volunteers from A.C.T.O.R. organization are visiting Centrul de Recuperare Bradet-Sacele for some time now. When we go there we do different activities with children. However, it is impossible to not notice all the problems they are facing everyday. Bradet’s center faces problems such as shortage of qualified personel. Moreover, last year one of the main buildings burned down, so the center has to build a new building from the ground with a little help from the government. The center struggles not only to build the new building, but also providing children with basic necessary things.

One of the projects organised by A.C.T.O.R. is A.I.R. – Active Involved Responsible, which focuses on fundraising and donation campaigns. After seeing the situation in Braded center, members of A.I.R. project decided to initiate a donation campaign and ask people to donate basic necessary things like clothes, hygiene products, school materials, sheets, blankets, towels, etc.


We (members of A.I.R. project) spread the word about our campaign going to schools and kindergartens in Bucharest and we succeeded to reach many people. Also, with the help of teachers, we managed to have a special experience in  high school Ion Luca Caragiale National College. We visited many classes there and had a chance to tell students first hand about our experience in Bradet and explain better why we are organizing this campaign. We are very happy and proud because all our work was worth it and many people contributed to our campaign. We received many clothes, hygiene products, toys, etc. After sorting all donated things, we are ready for the nicest part of the campaign – going to Bradet and giving all donations to children!


In the end we want to say THANK YOU to every single person who donated something, who helped us spread the word about our campaign and help us in any other way. Without you all this would not be possible!!!

Dovile Valanciute, A.I.R. Project, from Lithuania

Participating schools were:
Colegiul National Ion Luca Caragiale, Bucharest, Sector 1
Scoala Gimnaziala n. 49, Bucharest, Sector 2
Scoala Gimnaziala n. 189, Bucharest, Sector  4
Gradinita n. 149, Bucharest, Sector 4
Scoala Gimnaziala Speciala n. 9, Bucharest, Sector 5

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