The Adventure of “Coming Back Home”

Doing the follow-up was the more meaningful way to say goodbye to the EVS and try to make a new path for me in my country. My project called “Dóna un llibre, regala màgia (“Give a book, give magic) it consisted to collected books for kids (6-12 years old) with social and economic problems who attend the NGO Cáritas in 5 different villages of my area.


I wanted to do the promotion in the schools of the village to make aware of the importance of reading and the needs that these kids have. But I didn’t have the chance, so I did promotion with posters, the agenda online of the village and with an interview in the Radio. After I did the event with my mum where we told a story to families with kids, with puppets and drama, in the Library of my village. We involved the kids in the story asking help to read letters, to do drama and at the end, we did origami together.

The results are these: I collected 22 books from particulars and 90 from the Library. After sorting them for ages, I had the chance to gave the book through activities to 30 kids. The others were given by the association. The kids were involved were and very grateful, so we made paper rose to say thanks you for the donations.


With the project I learnt that even you do a good preparation there are different aspects that are not up to you. So you have to be flexible and adapt what you get to have a better impact. All the aspects that are up to me I learnt from them too, and I will improve it next times, for example, do the event on the beginning of the campaign.

Finally, I just want to add that if you have some idea in mind, even it seems very small or crazy for a while, keep dreaming, write it down and do it!

“Now it’s when the adventure starts! Laying down in my bed, with everything that before it was so familiar, I feel weird. If I close my eyes I could think that the EVS was a dream. My family and my friends expect that I act as I used to do, but something change inside me. So I will have to be the one who make a new path. I want to have a new dream!”

(Personal notes that I wrote when I came back in March).

Here the link of the interview:

Nuria Soler

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