EVS Poem & song

Let’s start this rainy week with a short poem that VT17 volunteers from the first flow (August 2017 – February 2018) wrote for the following flow of volunteers about how wonderful the EVS life is!

«Make the most of your EVS.
Be ready and mentally prepared to change a lot:
your vision and your life!

Travel, discover, smell, don’t stop, do new things, BREATH,
try, do stupid things, make ciorba, STOP.
Take AIR.

It will be difficult and challenging, but after you will miss it like nothing else, BE SURE.

Right place. Right moment.

Let’s GO!»


In plus, we want to make you even happier by sharing with you a bonus track created by Vitamin T 17, A.I.R. volunteers, Elena (SMILE II) and Tiago (Strengthen the bond of inclusion). It’s their original song (lyrics and music created by them) in which they explain what EVS means for them.

Enjoy and have nice week!

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