ME+NTOR – The Compendium

A.C.T.O.R. introduces the Compendium of ME+NTOR KA1 project, a collection of tools and study cases collected during the job shadowing experiences and the training.

ME+NTOR proposed Job Shadowing learning type mobilities
and a formation course in the end to equalize these understandings.
Participants which have visited organisation with ongoing EVS
projects could explore through direct experiences regarding
the management of the coordination of volunteers activities,
interactions with the local communities and with the usual
partners , but also compare mentorship.

The diversity in approach of mentorship in the organizations
from the ME+ partnership will be illustrated in this Compendium.
Its methodological content was defined in the last part of ME+,
at the formation course – in mixed teams – volunteer coordinators
and mentors. The learning experiences of the participants
in this event have been oriented towards analysing and debating
the difference in understanding and applying the basic concepts
in EVS mentorship.”

For the dissemination of the project, the compendium is distributed in two ways:

  1. The first way is a Dropbox link which allows you to download ME+NTOR Compendium – link:
  2. The second way is an ISSUU link which allows you to read ME+NTOR Compendium in an
    interactive way
    – link: 

The compendium exists a resourse to SALTO website:

the compendium table of contents


This project has been created by A.C.T.O.R. – Asociaţia Culturală pentru Teatru și Origami din Romania and funded with the support of the European Commission in the frame of Erasmus+ Programme as a KA1-Learning Mobilities for Youth Workers.


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